10:00 – Introduction by Professor Ewa Plonowska Ziarek

10:15 – “Melodrama, Terror, and the Emotional Landscape of Freedom”
Keynote address by Professor Elisabeth Anker, followed by a Q&A

11:30 – BREAK

11:40 – Beyond Hope? The Human in Times of Environmental Catastrophe (followed by Q&A)
Panel moderator: Doruk Tatar
Bürge Abiral, Sabancı University, Turkey: “Awaiting the Apocalypse: Catastrophic Hope in Permaculture”
Virginia Konchan, University of Illinois at Chicago: “No Social Justice without Environmental Justice: Margaret Atwood’s Madadam Trilogy”
Chris Sylvester, University at Buffalo: “Homme-Sickness and Platform Torture in the Planetary Sinks”


1:40 – The Bummer of Being Human: Writing Everyday Crises (followed by Q&A)
Panel moderator: Gudrun Elsa Bragadottir
Matthew Schratz, Brandeis University: “Everything Was Not Going to Have Been OK: Counterfactual Hope in Kalfus’s A Disorder Peculiar to the Country
Howard Fisher, University of California, Berkeley: “‘What makes it right to go on with living:’ Legitimacy and Disillusionment in Stein’s The Making of Americans
Bryndís Björgvinsdóttir, Iceland Academy of the Arts: “Kurt Vonnegut and Kurt Cobain: Pain, Misfortune, Identity and Creative Writing”

3:00 – BREAK

3:10 – Melancholic Attachments: The Excruciating Pain of Being Human (followed by Q&A)
Panel moderator: Natalia Pamula
Aarzoo Singh, University of Toronto: “Finding Home: Tracing Belonging for the South Asian Diaspora after Partition”
Christopher J. Lee, Brown University: “Feeling Yellow, Feeling Mellow: Idleness as Racial Affect in Tao Lin’s Taipei
David K. Seitz, University of Toronto: “Nothing Is Okay, but Something Might Be Good Enough: Reparative Insight in Klein’s Depressive Position”

4:30 – Conference ends


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